Things Get Interesting in the Big Brother Naija House

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Things Get Interesting in the Big Brother Naija House

Big Brother Naija HouseWhen the housemates in the big brother naija house were paired up, the excitement among fans went up a notch as there was an increased anticipation in the expected romance and scandals that was bound to happen. With the recent occurrences in the house, it appears things are already getting heated up.

Just recently, K.Brule and Khloe had their own little ‘moment’. Barely a few days after revealing she was sexually attracted to Lolu, she was seen almost kissing K.Brule. The two had reportedly spent some time together. While we are yet to get over the kissing games going on amongst the housemates, another pair of housemates are giving social media something exciting and humorous to chew on.

Rico and Princess were pictured getting all cuddly with Princess sitting with her legs wrapped around him and trying to get a kiss from him.

However, social media is having a good laugh over Rico’s reaction as he appeared scared while trying to avoid the dreaded kiss.

Princess seemed to have taken the rejection well since it appeared like she was only teasing him. Although Rico wasn’t verbal about his reasons for acting the way he did.