2019: Governor Shettima Contemplates Running For Senatorship


Governor Shettima Of Borno State Is Considering Contesting For Senatorship in 2019

Considering running for senatorshipGovernor Kashim Shettima is contemplating contesting for senatorship in Borno state ahead of the 2019 general elections. Premium Times reports that the governor’s position is coming a few days after he reportedly said on a television programme that he intends to go to school and not run for any political position after the completion of his governorship tenure.

He had said: “I think I am doing a great disservice to humanity and to the God we worship if I start clamouring to contest even for a senatorial seat,” Shettima said when asked if he would seek elective office in 2019.

“My concern at the moment is let me fix the rot in the system; let me fix the educational system in the state; let fix the healthcare delivery system. We have two million IDPs in Borno. At least let me make efforts to return these IDPs to their homes. “Personally I have no desire to contest for any position; not even a senatorial seat. I want to go back to school,” he added.

Following the interview however, a large number of members of the All progressives Congress (APC) under the aegis of Borno Unity Forum stormed the government house to urge the governor to change his mind. Audu Umar who is the chairman of the forum said their spirits would be dampened if the governor does not run in the 2019 senatorial election.

He said: “We are all worried by what we are seeing on the internet concerning what you said about your ambition in 2019. “It will be fair on our part to you if after all that you have achieved for the state, you do not move ahead to the Senate. We the entire members of the BUF are hereby insisting that you must contest the Borno Central Senatorial seat. “The call on the governor to seek another election after his eight years term is a unanimous stand of the forum and of course the majority of the constituents of Borno Central Senatorial district.” The governor in his reaction said he was misquoted as he has not made up his mind yet.

He said: “I have never said I won’t be contesting the Senate election in 2019; it was the media that misquoted me. “All I said was that while I was yet to make decision on that, I would rather concentrate on fixing the rots in the state and on seeing that our IDPs return to their communities. If I had said I was going to contest, it would have diverted our focus on the job. Certainly, on the issue of my aenatorial ambition, I would soon make my position known. All the same, I have heard your call and insha Allah I will get back to you all.”