#BBNaija3: Which is your Favorite #BBNaija Pair?

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#BBNaija3: Which is your Favorite #BBNaija Pair?

#BBNaija3: Which is your Favorite #BBNaija Pair?








Host Ebuka had announced at the end of the BBNaija Season 3 Premiere that housemates this year will be paired on Wednesday.

What this pairing means, Ebuka explained, is that when one housemate in a pair is rewarded, both are rewarded. When one is punished, both are punished. When one is evicted, well, both are evicted!

That’s why it’s called Double Wahala.

The female housemates were asked to pick numbers after which they were each told to choose a male partner. Ahneeka was the first female housemate to choose a fellow housemate to pair with and she got rejected by Dee-One who opted for Vandora.

The male housemates also had the choice to either accept or reject the ladies as they approach.

Acceptance means that the female housemate would receive a flower from the male housemate.

After the game, Ahneeka told fellow housemates that she felt embarrassed and was mad at Dee One’s rejection but will get over it with time.

“I feel bad but I don’t need his sympathy. It was an embarrassing situation. I was rejected. I did not see it coming. I’m so mad at him but I’ll get over it.“I didn’t make the wrong choice I thought it was a particular task, I wanted to ask you before then.”

In reaction, Dee One apologised to fellow housemates and Ahneeka for rejecting her proposal during the pairing game on Wednesday.

Dee One feeling bad about the situation promptly apologised to Ahneeka. He said he didn’t reject her intentionally as he had no idea it was the permanent pairing section but thought it was just a game.

“I am sorry. I feel bad. I just thought the flower thing was like a game. What can I do to help you feel better? I thought it was a game that was going to end. I had no idea it was permanent. I felt the pairing game was not normal as the guys were holding roses,” Dee One explained.

The pairs we have are:

Tobi & Cee-C
Lolu & Anto
Angel & Ifu Ennada
Leo & Alex
Teddy A & Bambam
Dee-One & Vandora
Bitto & Princess
Miracle & Nina
K.Brule & Khloe
Rico Swavey & Ahneeka