BBNaija3-Day 12: See Me Now, Cebi No More


BBNaija3-Day 12: See Me Now, Cebi No More

The Source

Thanks to Biggie’s not so conventional ways of forcing the tables upside down, the Tell All Task was the source of Cee-C’s many silent tantrums. Especially the part where Housemates said it was diffiucult to gist with Tobi due to him always being glued to Cee-C. This sparked a flame, but what fuelled it was Anto mentioning how the world didn’t revolve around queen Cee-C and Bitto calling her ‘Delilah’. These are certainly blows many would have liked to deliver to Cebi.

A Need but Not a Want

If this relationship was a shape, we’d all struggle to name it. Although Tobi tailed Cee-C and insisted that they remove the weeds from their paradise and move on, he also told Lolu that if he was his usual self in the House, he probably would have flirted with half of the girls. He has never spoken about his feelings for Cee-C to anyone in the House, at least not in depth. Does this sound like a man madly in love or a sharp-tongued strategist? On the other hand, Cee-C blatantly rejects Tobi yet she seemed very concerned when Tobi deviated his attention from her. According to her, he exerted a weird energy because of what the other Housemates said and that was the wood that added to the fire and she seemed to be very affected by all the negative comments made during the Tell All Task. Is that the behaviour of a woman caught up in flattery or that of a strategist? The Cebi situation might not be as romantic as it looks.

The Aftermath

CebiAfter the throwing of silent tantrums and endless apologies, it seemed as though peace was restored. So much so that when  Dee-One told Cee-C that she should try glue them the way she’s glued Tobi, she simply responded by mentioning how much of a man Tobi was for displaying his emotions. It ended up rosy once again as they disappeared into the ‘palace’ together, but will they manage to keep this up?